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Working out the Weight Restrictions.

Rail Weight Capacity

Hooks & Hangers Weight Capacity

Example 1: Hanging Heavy Pieces of Artwork

Example 2: Hanging an abundance of kids Artwork

Hanging Rail

Which picture hanging system is right for me?

What is the weight restriction on the Clip Rail/Clip Rail Max art hanging system?

How many art rails do I need?

Can I cut the rail to size?

How do I select items that work together?

Should the picture rails be continued over doors and windows?

Can I paint the rail? If so: which type of paint do I need and which preparations are necessary?

Can I mount the rail in or on a corner? If so, both outside as well as inside corners?

Can the rail be hung diagonally?

Can I take the rail off again?

Is the rail only suitable for paintings or can I also hang a whiteboard, clock or mirror?

My cornice/roof is slightly crocked what should I do?

Hooks & Hangers

Do the art hangers/cords come in different lengths?

Which hooks and cords do I need?

Can I hang multiple pictures on one cord?

Can I cut the nylon cord or steel cable?


Where do you Ship to?

Who Do you Ship With?

How much is Shipping?

Click and Collect

Installation Guide

Fixing the Rail

How do I fix the picture rails?

Other Questions

Can you hang a one of mirror/ photo/ painting etc...

Can you install my Art track system

Do you include screws to attach the rail to the wall?

What is a Linear Meter?