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Working out the Weight Restrictions.

Rail Weight Capacity

Hooks & Hangers Weight Capacity

Example 1: Hanging Heavy Pieces of Artwork

Example 2: Hanging an abundance of kids Artwork

Hanging Rail

Which picture hanging system is right for me?

What is the weight restriction on the Clip Rail/Clip Rail Max/Clip Rail Light art hanging system?

How many art rails do I need?

Can I cut the rail to size?

How do I select items that work together?

Should the picture rails be continued over doors and windows?

Can I paint the rail? If so: which type of paint do I need and which preparations are necessary?

Can I mount the rail in or on a corner? If so, both outside as well as inside corners?

Can the rail be hung diagonally?

Can I take the rail off again?

Is the rail only suitable for paintings or can I also hang a whiteboard, clock or mirror?

My cornice/roof is slightly crocked what should I do?

Hooks & Hangers

Do the art hangers/cords come in different lengths?

Which hooks and cords do I need?

Can I hang multiple pictures on one cord?

Can I cut the nylon cord or steel cable?

Clip Rail Lighting Specifics

Which lighting fixtures do I need?

Which lamps do I need?

Which adapter do I need?


Where do you Ship to?

Who Do you Ship With?

How much is Shipping?

Click and Collect

Installation Guide

Fixing the Rail

How do I fix the picture rails?

Other Questions

Can you hang a one of mirror/ photo/ painting etc...

Can you install my Art track system

Do you include screws to attach the rail to the wall?

What is a Linear Meter?