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STAS Cobra Nylon Hanger


A very versatile hanger which makes it even easier to change and move your Art Work. Our Cobra Nylon Hanger can simply be hooked onto the rail wherever you choose. The nylon cord hangs almost invisible against your wall. Nylon is ideal for hanging lightweight items with the Smart Spring as well as moderately heavier items using the Zipper Hooks.

This Cobra Nylon Hanger is STAS, designed in Europe.

Product Description:

Length: 1.5 meters, 2 meters
Compatible Products:


Used with a Smart Spring Hook: 4kg
Used with a Zipper Hook: 15kg
Used with a HL Hook: 10kg

Next steps to order a complete railing system:

3. Select the matching Hooks.

4. Select any Accessories.

Please Note: When Hanging anything larger than A4 we recommend using two hangers (one on each side), to stabilize the items you are hanging to prevent them hanging crooked. 

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