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Hanging Rails

There are four types of Hanging Rail. The hanging rail can be installed at any height. However, we recommend installing the rail as close to the ceiling as possible and flush with any cornice.These Rail systems are all suitable for domestic and commercial purposes. They are all available in two colours: white or a natural aluminium colour. All can be cut to any length. The natural aluminium Rail can be painted to match your walls exactly. The white Rail cannot be painted.
It is important to consider the weight the rail can hold per linear meter when selecting the rail in your art hanging system.*
Clip Rail holds 20kg/m
Cliprail Max holds 25kg/m

Clip Rail Light  holds 45kg/m

The Clip Rail art hanging system is designed for when there is a cornice. The Clip Rail is very popular in homes as it is easy to install.

The Clip Rail Max can be used when there is no cornice and is great for Galleries, commercial properties or if the there is a shadow line ceiling.

The Clip Rail Light is perfect if you’d like to have a spotlight on your artwork or photographs to give a more glamorous look. The lights are sold separately and are found under accessories

The Paper Rail is designed to be installed lower or at any height. It can also be hung using any of the other rail systems. It is designed for holding unframed items like kids artwork and posters etc... 

The Ceiling Rail is designed to be installed on the ceiling especially when there is a finish on the wall that you do not wish to drill into. For more information on the Ceiling Rail click here.

*These weights are applicable when they are installed correctly into a brick wall.