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TOPFIX Ceiling Rail


The Topfix is a Hanging System designed to be secured to the ceiling. However, it can also be used on walls, on the top edge of a partition or panel*. We have installed the Topfix Ceiling Rail in a Real Estate Agents' display home to show the floor plans and images of proposed homes. We have also installed the Ceiling Rail in private homes, in particular where an owner has a unique finish on their walls and does not want any drilling into their walls.


It is ONLY compatible with the Topfix Ceiling Rail Hanger,  which is available in Nylon and Stainless steel. The hanger is compatible with all hooks (see individual hooks for more information). 


The Topfix Ceiling Rail comes in 2m lengths and is available in Silver and White.

This Rail can be cut to any length.

*Please call for more detail when hanging on walls, partitions or panels.

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