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Super Security Hook


Our Super Security Hook has a small latch-clip that stops the artwork from being easily lifted off the hook. This hook can be easily moved up and down the stainless steel hangers for precise alignment of artwork. The Super Security Hook can only be used with Stainless Steel Hangers. Great for valuable Art Work in public places.

This hook moves up by pushing the hook upward. Also, by pushing the top of the hook downwards you can move the hook both up and down with ease.

The Super Security Hook is the Step up from the HL Hook, Seen pictured side by side above.


ONLY for the Stainless Steel Hangers

Super Security Hook + Cobra or Standard Stainless Steel Hanger: 15kg

Height: 48mm  
Width: 11mm
Depth: 20mm at the hook
Compatible products:
*Used correctly with stainless steel hanger cords and correct installation of Rail into a brick wall 

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