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Our Story

Where we come from
Over a decade ago we noticed a less-than-awesome experience in picture hanging: too much trouble when we want to put up artwork, damaging the walls when done traditionally, too much hassle in moving around wall hangings, possible damages in art hanging especially in temporary living like apartments.
Turns out, we found the solution to all this trouble forever. We got the perfect system installed at our home that made changing artwork a breeze. We figured: why not spread ‘em around?
So we started spreading the word about this great system to friends, artists, galleries, apartment complexes, retirement villages, businesses via email.
 The goal? To help more people create rich experiences that elevated their visual aesthetic… without worrying about the hassle. And the response was massive.
As our member list grew, so did our vision. We built a digital buying experience that would allow anyone to enjoy this system at the click of a button. We began to help even more people and business as you can see from our clients' list.
And there is so much more to come.
Where we're going
We love helping creatives live their passion, and do more great work. We also love helping individuals who have an eye for art. Now, we’re walking that talk on a bigger, more sustainable scale.
So far, we’ve sent our art hanging systems by STAS all over Australia to take appreciation for creativity to the next level and more greatness on the way.
Know someone who loves art whether it's an artist or with an artistic eye? 
 Drop us a line. We’ll see what we can do.
 The Hanging Man