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How It Works:

A Comprehensive Step By Step Guide to Hanging Art, Hanging Photos, and other Objects.

The following is a comprehensive step by step guide for choosing, selecting and deciding exactly what you need. Please visit the FAQ's page for some examples and additional information.

1. Work out how many pieces of Art, Photos or Objects you want or need to hang and have an idea of where you want to hang them (in a line, collage etc).

2. Work out how much they each weigh. A rough idea is ok for very light weight items that are around 2kgs or less. However, it is best to know exactly how heavy your item is if it is over 5kg. It is also useful to know the items' length if the item is over 1 Linear metre.

It is ok to round the weight of your item up to the nearest whole Kilogram. As long as you round up, never round down.

3. Where are you hanging your Artwork? The Rails come in 2metre lengths. They can all be cut. We suggest installing the Rail from wall to wall. The Rail can go over doorways, windows etc... for a cleaner, neater unobtrusive finish.

4. Decide what look you are after. Do you want a White Rail or a Natural Aluminium Rail? The Natural Aluminium rail can be painted to match your wall colour. 

5.Do you have a cornice? If yes, you need the Clip Rail. If not, you need the Clip Rail Max.

Keep in mind when choosing the Rail you need, you cannot exceed the weight limit capacity of the Rail:

Clip Rail holds 20kg/Linear metre
Cliprail Max holds 25kg/Linear metre


 We recommend installing the Rail right underneath the Cornice or Ceiling.

Please Note: These weight limits are the guideline for correct installation into a brick wall.


Now You know how much weight you need to hang and which Rail you will need, you can choose your Hanging Cords and Hooks. Choose your Hooks and Hangers based on the weight of the items you are hanging. 

7) Choose between our two Hanging Cords: Cobra and Standard. The difference between the two is only in the way it hangs from the Rail. The Cobra hooks in from anywhere and can be moved and adjusted with ease. Whereas the Standard needs to be slid into the rail from the end and then you have to slide and shimmy it across to where you need it. Basically, the Cobra is more convenient in terms of moving and changing with ease and the Standard is considered harder to remove quickly, which is useful for added security purposes such as in a cafe setting.

8) Next, you can decide if you like the look and style of the Nylon (perlon) Hangers or the Stainless Steel Hangers. Nylon tends to blend into the wall and Stainless Steel is more of an Art Gallery look. We find that the style is more of a personal preference. We recommend Nylon for hanging small lightweight items like children's artwork and the Stainless Steel for Hanging heavier pieces.

Your Hanger Cord options are:
  • Cobra Nylon
  • Cobra Stainless Steel
  • Standard Nylon
  • Standard Stainless Steel

9) Consider the Weight of the items you are hanging. Weight is probably the most crucial consideration in choosing your hangers. Across all three types, the weight each hanger can take depends on whether it is nylon or stainless steel. The type of hanger (Standard Vs Cobra) makes no difference. The Stainless Steel hangers can take up to 20kg each and the Nylon can take up to 15kgs each. However, the weight will also depend on the type of Hook you choose and the Track installed. Thus the entire system as a whole (Track + Hangers + Hooks) needs to be considered carefully when choosing your Art Hanging System.

10) Quantity - you will need to use two Hangers (and a hook on each) for Hanging Art or pieces A4 or larger, so they do not look crooked or lopsided. 

11) You can hang multiple pieces on the one Hanger, as long as you do not exceed the weight limits for the Hangers, or rail. For complex hanging arrangements feel free to contact us or visit us in our showroom.

12) Hooks! We have three types of hooks for all your photo and art hanging needs. The choice of Hook is dependent on the weight and the Hanging Cord you have chosen.**

The Smart Spring Hook is ONLY compatible with Nylon hangers.
The Zipper Hook is the most popular hook as it is compatible with all hangers.
The Super Security Hook is compatible with all hangers. However, we Strongly recommend the Stainless Steel Hangers. The super security is recommended for commercial applications.

13) Lastly, you can choose accessories.*** If you are installing multiple tracks next to each other you will need to use the Connectors. If you have a visible end of your Rail we recommend the End Caps for a nice finish. Please note that the End Caps come in pairs and are specific for each type of rail.

For more information please read out PDF Hanging Guide and visit our FAQ's Page. Or Phone us on 1300 750 745 or Visit us in our Wangara Showroom for a visual demonstration of the hanging systems. 


**It is important to consider the hook weight limit combined with the hanging cord for the total weight limit of the system as a whole. See individual items for specific weight restrictions and limits.