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Picture Rail Hanging Set


Do you have a traditional Picture Rail? This hanging kit is a great addition for old Character Homes with a traditional Picture Rail.

The kit includes 2 pieces. A picture hook which sits on the traditional picture rail and a hanger. Please note the Hook at the bottom of the cord is not included in the pricing. The Zipper Hook can be purchased under Hooks

Team this combination with one of our hooks which are for the pieces of artwork and you have the perfect solution to Hanging Art in a traditional home. The hooks are purchased separately.

Important: Check your picture rail before ordering.

We have come across a number of "new" picture rails that cannot be used to hang pictures or art. Some of the modern versions are a decorative rail and will not support your pictures. We have at times installed the Locator Rail under these rails.

Product Description

Length: 1.5 meter
Colour: Brass, Silver


on Nylon Hanger: 10Kg

on Stainless Steel Hanger: 15 Kg

These weights will depend on the picture rail*

Key Features

  • Great if you have a traditional art track installed already
  • Can be used with the more economical clear Nylon Hangers or the state of the art Stainless Steel cable hangers with your choice of hooks

Compatible Products

For Nylon Hanger: Zipper Hooks, Smart Spring
For Stainless Steel Hanger: Zipper Hooks, Super Security

Next steps to order a complete railing system:

Choose your matching hooks.

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