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Clip Rail Light


The STAS Clip Rail Light is a revolutionary hanging and lighting system and is specially designed by STAS to enable flexible lighting of your pictures with a subtle and elegant effect.

The STAS Clip Rail Light system is equipped with 12-volt wiring. This revolutionary system gives you a suspension system with an unprecedented number of possibilities. You can hang paintings, postcards and posters in the blink of an eye.

Easily moveable light fittings can be clicked anywhere you like onto the rail. For example, to spotlight your wall decorations with LED or lamps. 

When connecting two Clip Rail Lights together the Lighting Connector must be used.

The Clip Rail Light can be hardwired into your house by an electrician or it can be plugged into any power point.

The Clip Rail Light is similar in design shape to the Clip Rail Max, the only difference being the interior lighting wiring. 

Product Description

Length: 2 meters
Height: 28mm
Material: Aluminium with interior wiring

Compatible Products:

Lighting Accessories


45kg/per linear meter*
*(When Installed Correctly into a brick wall)

Key Features

  • 12V system (low-voltage supply)

  • aluminium rail

  • dimensions 11 x 28 mm

  • capable of carrying loads of up to 45 kg per metre

  • available in white or a natural aluminium colour

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