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Paper Rail


Papers, drawings, memos and photos easily stay in the rail due to the gravity of the marbles in the rail. The range of applications is endless where people use paper: Suggested uses for The Paper Rail are:

  • At Home to keep the bills and accounts organised or display the kids Art Work
  • In offices to display notices or job orders.
  • In Restaurants and in the catering business to keep paper orders organised.
  • School Art Departments. "Display the best work of the Day".

What we love about this device is the ease of use and no more blu-tack or sticky tape on the walls.

 Product Description

Length : 1 & 2 metres lengths

Colour : white



Key Features

  • Hangers available in several lengths and can be easily used to hang the paper rail on rail into all the Rail systems.
  • Simply insert/remove of paper or unframed items

 Next steps to order a complete railing system

  1. Choose the Railing system if it’s to go on one or the Hanging Set.
  2. Choose your matching hangers.
  3. Or Simply Fix onto the wall using traditional screws and wall plugs, depending on the wall construction.

Installation Instructions


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