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Zipper Pro Hook


Our STAS Zipper Pro Hook has a latch-clip that stops the artwork from being easily lifted off the hook. This hook can be easily moved up and down the stainless steel or Nylon hangers for precise alignment of artwork. The Security Zipper Hook can be used with either Nylon OR Stainless Steel Hangers. Great for valuable Art Work in public places.


The patented STAS zipper pro features a theft-delaying latch. As a result, paintings and other artworks cannot be removed one move as they are latched onto the hook. This latch also prevents artwork or paintings from falling caused by accidental knocks or even unexpected tremors. Ideal for use in public or busy spaces.


This hook is a STAS hook and matches the STAS Zipper Hook with the addition of the latch. Designed in Europe.


This hook moves up by pushing the latch backwards. Also, by squeezing the triangular side of the hook inwards you can move the hook both up and down with ease.



Zipper Pro + Cobra or Standard Nylon Hanger: 15kg
Zipper Pro + Cobra or Standard Stainless Steel Hanger: 20kg
Weight: 14.6g
Height: 30mm  
Width: 25mm at widest point.
Depth 15mm at hook
Compatible products:
All Rails (except Paper Rail)
*Used correctly with correct installation of Rail into a brick wall.

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