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Standard Stainless Steel Hanger


The stainless steel hanger provides a strong support for hanging artwork or photos whilst providing an art gallery feel. The topper of this hanging cord is a 'Standard'. It is inserted into the rail at the ends and needs to be slid across into position. Whilst not as flexible as the Cobra, the Standard is beneficial for an extra element of security.

This Standard Steele Hanger is STAS, designed in Europe.

Product Description:

Length: 1.5 meters, 2 meters

Compatible Products:



Used with a Zipper OR Zipper Pro Hook: 20kg
Used with a HL Hook: 15kg
Used with a Super Security Hook: 15kg

Next steps to order a complete railing system:

3. Select the matching Hooks.
4. Select any Accessories.
Please Note: When Hanging anything larger than A4 we recommend using two hangers (one on each side), to stabilize the items you are hanging to prevent them hanging crooked. 

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