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These are all STAS art and picture hanging cords. When deciding which hanger to choose for your art or photos, you need to consider Purpose, Weight, and Style. There are three Types of Hangers to choose from: Ceiling, Cobra, and Standard. All are perfect for commercial and domestic Art hanging and Photo hanging purposes.

All three types of hangers are available in Nylon (Perlon) and Stainless Steel. Nylon tends to blend into the wall and Stainless Steel is more of an Art Gallery look. We find that the style is more of a personal preference.

The Standard and the Cobra hangers will fit into the Clip Rail and the Clip Rail Max. The Ceiling Rail will only take the Ceiling Rail Hanger. Both the Standard and the Cobra are essentially the same thing, with one major difference. That difference is the way they hook into the Rail. The Cobra is the most flexible in the art track system as it hooks into the rail at any point, whereas the Standard has to slide in and across from the end of the rail.

Weight is probably the most crucial consideration in choosing your hangers. Across all three types, the weight each hanger can take depends on whether it is nylon or stainless steel. The type of hanger (Standard or Cobra) makes no difference. The Stainless Steel hangers can take up to 20kg each and the Nylon can take up to 15kgs each*. However, the weight will also depend on the type of Hook you choose and the Track installed. Thus the entire system as a whole (Track + Hangers + Hooks) needs to be considered carefully when choosing your Art Hanging System.

For more information please read out PDF Hanging Guide.

Or read our How It Works page and browse our FAQ page.

*Provided the hangers and rails are installed correctly into a brick wall.