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When deciding which hanger to choose for your art or photos, you need to consider Purpose, Weight, and Style. 

Our hangers are available in Nylon (Perlon) and Steel. Nylon tends to blend into the wall and Steel is more of an Art Gallery look. We find that the style is more of a personal preference.

Weight is probably the most crucial consideration in choosing your hangers. Across all types, the weight each hanger can take depends on whether it is nylon or stainless steel. The Stainless Steel hangers can take up to 20kg each and the Nylon can take up to 15kgs each*. However, the weight will also depend on the type of Hook you choose and the Track installed. Thus the entire system as a whole (Track + Hangers + Hooks) needs to be considered carefully when choosing your Art Hanging System.


*Provided the hangers and rails are installed correctly into a brick wall.