How does our Elegant Art Hanging System work?

Displaying your art on your walls can easily transform any room. This Comprehensive Step by Step Guide will help you display your Art, Prints, Paintings, Photography, Canvases, Wall Decor and more on your walls with the elegant Art Hanging System from the Hanging Man.


Before selecting your art, decide whether you want your room to have a formal or casual vibe. Framed artwork with distinct lines and structure in darker colours will create a formal tone. On the other hand, lighter and brighter colours have a casual feel. The colours of your works will influence the look and feel of the whole room.


Once you have decided on the look and feel of the room, work out how many pieces of your collection (prints, paintings, photographs etc) you want to hang and have an idea of where you want to hang them. Our Art Hanging System gives you the ability to hang your collection however you like, whether that be in a line, one after the other or grouped together in a collage.


Next is working out how much each of your pieces weigh. The reason for this is that the hanging rail’s weight limit capacity can support up to 20kg per metre depending on your wall, and the hooks and hangers you are using, which we will discuss in a minute. This is a very important step if you are hanging heavy items so you know exactly how much they each weigh. To be conservative, you can also round up your items’ weight to the nearest kilogram. Never round down. It is also useful to know the items' length if the item is over 1 metre.


Now we want to know the length of your walls where you are hanging your artwork. The aluminium hanging rails, which are installed at the top of the wall right underneath the cornice or ceiling, come in 2 metre lengths (in either white or natural aluminium). Each rail can be cut down to precisely the length of your wall. For example if your wall is 3.5metres you will use 2x 2metre rails, cutting the second rail to 1.5 metres and joining the two rails with a connector. This is why we always recommend installing the hanging rail from end to end so it blends into the top of the wall as part of the cornice or creating a shadow line. The rail can also go over doorways, windows, etc, for a cleaner, neater unobtrusive finish. Stopping and starting the rail on the wall tends to stick out like a sore thumb. Tally up the total length of all your walls and how many pieces of art you want to hang.


Once you know the combined total length of your walls and the total number of pieces you want to display on your walls, then you can decide on which one of our Art Hanging Packages is right for you. We have 6 packages. All 6 packages come with either a white rail or a platinum rail (natural aluminium) depending on what look you want to go for. The packages are 4metre, 10metre and 20metre packages. So for example, if you only have one wall that’s 10m then the 10m package is perfect. However, if you have 3 walls that equal 10m, then you will need to cut some of the rails and may or may not need a little extra length. In this case you might need a 10 metre package and an extra individual 2 metre length of rail.


Now you know the package length, the next thing to decide on is whether you want the Deluxe package or Standard package. The deluxe packages come with 1.8m stainless steel hangers and Precision hooks and can support up to 10kgs. The Deluxe packages also come with a few special free bonuses! The standard packages come with 1.8m nylon hangers and smart springs and they can support up to 4kgs. The difference is that the Nylon hangers tend to blend into the wall and the Stainless Steel hangers have a more high end art gallery look. We find that the style is more of a personal preference, but recommend the Deluxe packages for hanging heavier pieces.


Accessories and Extras. These are extra items like extra hooks and hangers, connectors and end caps.  If you are installing multiple rails next to each other you will need to use connectors. Connectors are included in each package, but please check the amount you need. If your rail has a visible end then we recommend end caps for a nice finish. End Caps come in pairs and are not included in our packages, as we alway recommend installing the track from wall to wall wherever possible. Finally, you may want extra hooks and hangers to display more of your collection. Hooks and hangers can be purchased individually or in packs of 10.


Delivery and Installation. Depending on where in Australia you are located, we can ship your art hanging package directly to your door. If you are located in Perth, we can easily arrange our highly-skilled tradesmen to install your Art Hanging System at your convenience, whether that’s at your home, at an office or even a gallery. Our tradesmen are known for their ‘white-glove’ service, meaning they will clean up after themselves, so you won’t even be able to tell they’ve been there, apart from your new art hanging system. Please note our tradesmen only install the Art Hanging System, we do not hang your pieces on the wall.


Lastly, display and enjoy your art on your walls! Once the hanging rail is installed at the top of the wall, all that is left to do is hang up your art. Hook the hangers into the rail and slide them left or right to the desired spot. Slide the hooks onto the ends of the hangers and move them up or down for the required height. Effortlessly hang your pieces!

Elegantly Display Your Collection Today.

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No marks and holes in walls!

"Amazing system! I have just purchased my second lot of Nylon hangers and Smart Hooks to add more painting to our walls. This is the best system ever - so easy to use. I can take all of the art of the wall and move it around whenever I wish (usually twice a year). No marks and holes in walls!"

Sharon Ramel (Google review)


So much easier now to display and change pictures!

"We are so glad to have found The Hanging Man; now we can display more of our paintings, posters and prints in different arrangements on the walls of the living and dining rooms. It is so much easier now to display and change pictures. The track and hangers are completely unobtrusive but so strong and the care and expertise shown by installers Chris and Dan added to our confidence in the strength and durability of the hanging system. Chris and Dan demonstrated professional pride in their work and took great care of our walls and furniture during the installation, for which we are grateful. All in all, dealing with The Hanging Man has been an excellent experience. Thank you all. I will be measuring a couple of other walls and visiting again soon."

Moya McLauchlan (Google review)


More than 50 metres of art rail installed!

I now have more than 50 metres of art rail installed, with a bit more to come. This was a combination of DIY and the excellent Hanging Man team. I went for the aluminium look rail with stainless steel hangers, which looks classy but understated. The photos showed heavy single paintings and multiple hangings; I've also hung mirrors. This is a well thought-out system that can grow with your collection, or just sit there unobtrusively if you divest. I am very happy with the system, and with the service and professionalism of Kevin, Lynda and the team.

Graeme Marshall (Google review)


The staff are so helpful and looks great too!

I purchased a picture rail for our office and the whole experience, from website, to purchase, to pick up, was easy. The staff are so helpful and the install was really easy and looks great too!

Sharon Easton (Google review)


So nice to be able to move items around!

I've always wanted a gallery hanging system, so when we built our new house I had it installed by The Hanging Man. It's been over a year now and it's *so* nice to be able to move items around as we add new pictures, without worrying about marking up the walls. Well worth the very reasonable cost.

Deb Palacios (Google review)